Sunday, August 15, 2010

Into the Night

Into the night of the golden moon

She felt the call of the silent tune
Carried to her by the gentle wind
Whispers of love from a lost friend.

Love begun as friends never fades away
Yet it dissolves in the mornings first ray
It's at night the midnight flames are one.
Fading away too soon as night greets the sun

Cursing the day, in all it's wonderful glory
It can't compare to the golden moons story
Where twin flames parted, once more unite
Joined together in the still of the night.

Dancing to the songs only they can hear
For the songs of the heart are held dear
At first signs of dawn, they slip away.
Dreaming of the night that follows the day.

~~ Dreamweaver ~~
March 29, 2006

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