Sunday, August 15, 2010

A quick Intro to my writing.

I must be growing up. I am sitting here in front of a computer screen, have a cell phone.. made a small step forward and bought an MP3 player, and now I am creating a blog. 50 is a perfect age to start catching up. At least I have a daughter who can walk me through it all.

Hello world, and here I come.

So often when people introduce themselves they include things such as what type of work they do. Or in cases where I am at support forums, what type of illness they have etc. But those are just things. Sure they play a part in who you have become but too many times people lose their focus and this becomes who the are. We get so caught up in the rat race that we forget to take a moment to stop and "smell the roses". Or rather take time to slow down, breathe and remember to live.

I know this because that was me. Up until just a few months ago I was Melanie - who is on disability because of........ etc. I don't want to be that Melanie anymore.

Back in 2005 when my fiance' passed away I all but stopped writing. Its been 5 years of winter in my soul. Lately though - the sun is trying to peak through and reawaken the creative side of me once more.

With this blog I will share some of my older writings and poems, hopefully post newer writings and poems. (smile). I also hope to share with you some of the life experiences I have lived through over the years. And share with you about a wonderful man named Keith, Who beat the odds when diagnosed with cancer. instead of the 1-3 months the doctors gave him to live, he took the almost twelve years his Creater gave him.. and lived each and every day of it.

On closing, when you meet a person, please take into consideration they are so much more than what those first few minutes of hello's can ever possibly tell you. take a chance and reach out - you may be meeting a forever friend afterall. :)

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